Lexicus Press

The Glaciers' Treasure Trove: A Field Guide to the Lake Michigan Riviera

By Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

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"A full-color travel guide to the sights, lakes, vineyards, state parks and other attractions of the area. Locations, contact information, extensive descriptions and photographs on every page characterize and enhanced this exceptionally useful, on-the-go, "pocket portable" traveling companion. A spiral binding and sturdy allows this handy reference to weather extensive use while one enjoying the best a Lake Michigan vacation has to offer.
The Midwest Book Review

"This book opens up a midwestern treasure spot that is not well-known to most Americans but deserves to be: the sand dunes and beaches that are around the bottom of Lake Michigan. I lived in that area years ago and this book does a great job telling the story of why the place is so special. The history is told and developers' mistakes are not ignored. But mostly the book is about the present and what's there now: good living amidst tremendous beauty."
Jacqueline Moussard

"Jacqueline Widmar Stewart lived a fabled childhood along Lake Michigan. She never had to rely on television for entertainment. "The lake was a drama within itself. It changed all of the time," she said. "It was a living being."
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South Bend Tribune

"In less than 150 pages JWS covers 42.5 miles and thousands of years... This book is packed with information and colorful photos. Few nuances of the area are left uninvestigated... But along with the history and facts, the author finds plenty of opportunity to promotoe the improtance of respecting the land... Her appreciation of the area is infectious... Though the book is packed with history and facts, it also serves as a discovery guide. It features information on opleaces to fish, bike, kayak and dine."

"This little guide... packs in just about everything you'd want to know... Beautifully photographed... a must-have for anyone traveling along the lake... history of [five state and national parks] and the features of each are described in detail with accompanying maps and gorgeous photographs."
Susan Meyer, Michigan City News-Dispatch

"Complete and easily accessible directory... fun-to-read book of little-known historic facts, geologic revelations and local landmarks to explore and appreciate as never before... chock full of succinctly written information and easy to read maps... fasinating memoranda... easy-to-carry... imminently useful reference work for the traveler as well as the casual reader."
Kathie Godfrey, Duneland News/Valparaiso News, Summer Lifestyles Section

"[An] ecological human story of courage and perseverance... A lesson can be learned for anywhere. This story of preservation is well worth hearing. I was personally excited to hear such good news."
May Waldroup, Thunderbird Bookshop owner

"For those not acquainted with the lake's southeastern Crescent Coast and its dune lands, this book will indeed be a revelation. [It contains] dozens and dozens of splendid photographs, maps of the various areas, dining and lodging suggestions, intimate glimpses of harbors, public beaches, specialty markets, orchards and vineyards, as well as activities, gardens and the arts"
Margot Petit Nichols, The Carmel Pine Cone

"And just in case those residing in the same counties as Lake Michigan have become jaded to its offerings, Widmar Stewart wrote a book to remind them - and the rest of the world - of how special it is..." Read Entire Review